Thursday, 13 February 2014

PG Diploma Course in Management and Banking: Step to Advancing The Career After Graduation

PG diploma courses are seen as an important step to give direction to the career path. Management, banking or finance courses, it is necessary to take the courses as a mere graduation would not provide much employment opportunity. Moreover, it has been seen that students who have additional skills to add to their CVs do not find it hard to get the best jobs. Corporate firms and government sector are always in a search of skilled professional employees who can put the workforce is the direction to profit. Each year the country experiences cream of students passing out from reputed institutes and being placed at the highest posts in the corporate sector. Before opting for any of the post-graduation degree it is necessary to know what the course would focus on and benefits.

PGDM or post-graduation degree in management has seen vast number of candidates enrolling for it. The main reason for the popularity of the management degree is because every industry requires skilled team which can bring organization and profits to the firm. The one year program would focus on risk management, finance management, budgeting and accounting. There are numerous institutes in the country which aim at provide the business training to students. However, student willing to enroll for the course would require taking up finance, commerce or other related subjects at the graduation level. Moreover, the enrolling for the course first would require the student to crack the entrance examination. 60% aggregate score in the three years of graduation is seen as a must. Most of the B-schools also provide scholarships to the excelling students. Each year the institutes organize entrance examination with the help of government authorities. CAT examination as it is named is the primary level examination to score a position in the business school. Numerous coaching classes and online courses can be advantageous to strengthen the chance of cracking the test in one go. The exam would have multiple choice questions which would test the student’s capability to solve mathematical, aptitude and general study questions. The next round would require the student to appear for a personal interview.

PGDIB or post-graduation degree in investment banking is a reputed degree which has global demand. The one year program is helpful in enabling the student to take up the role of investment banker. The role of an investment banker is to manage the large capitals of organization or individual clients. The need for the course is seen because t is not possible to manage large sum by a single person when not having much knowledge. Moreover, to keep the investment in a smooth order it is necessary to put it in good investment schemes. Hence, the need of an investment banker is seen as important. Global firms are always on the search for good employees with specialized degrees. The salary package of a beginner investment banker is approximately 1, 00,000 INR. 

Post-graduation degree in business management or PGDBM is another option for candidates looking to opt for management degree. For running either individual business or working with a firm there is always need of managing all aspects of the business. Hence, the one year course is seen as important opportunity. At the end, it can be said that opting for a management degree will guarantee job satisfaction and high pay scale.


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