Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Can engineers choose to go for MBA in Finance?
Engineering is a very vast, diversified and crucial discipline of study and has great scope for students who are pursuing engineering. But all the top notch business schools today are crowded by engineers and they averagely constitute at least 25 % of the total count. This is quite astonishing because the engineers who are already trained in their discipline are willing to be trained in something else. Just imagine of all the top engineers will shift their career to management then what will happen? The current trend clarifies a fact – There must be something better waiting for them once they earn a management degree along an engineering degree plus some valuable work experience.

An engineer may start his career as a technical person at the starting but he cannot expect to do the same work & labor all through the career. And here comes the challenge as most of the vacancies for top level management require a management degree. And this is the reason why MBA is required for engineers. Actually all these big engineering firms promote those professionals who are excellent engineers with a management degree, to their management profiles. That profile actually requires a proper manager with excellent engineering exposure. So here an engineer with a management degree suits to that profile. But when engineers wish to go for MBA they have a tough call. Either they are fresher or with work experience, they have to properly think and analyze that what specialization they should go for.

MBA finance in Delhi can also be a great option for an engineer. An engineer can choose any of the specialization when it comes to choose from – Marketing, Finance, IT, Human resources or operations. All these cores may help him in managing his organization or even in getting a renowned job. But it is believed that only commerce guys can do well in MBA Finance but on the contrary most of the financial companies prefer MBA candidates who have engineering back ground. The reason behind is that MBA in finance makes one proficient in financial management and engineering exposure gives a logical thinking to business.  

To rise up in career an engineer needs a management degree and that is evident but he should have the managerial skills as well. Getting an MBA degree will exactly do what is needed to help him to boost his career. Moreover if any of such an engineer wants to start his own venture as an entrepreneur, only his engineering degree and work experience will not help the cause. A management degree will give him a practical and analytical outlook towards every business management and will also prepare him to work under pressure and handle every situation. 

There are many institutes offering MBA coursesin India from where one can pursue MBA but one has to be very cautious while choosing the college because the quality of program and placements varies from college to college. There are some very renowned institutes for MBA finance in Delhi and one of them is Indian Institute of Financial Planning (IIFP).


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