Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What to expect in the MBA Program

MBA in India
 Most of the students who prepare for MBA entrance exams always wonder what they will study in their MBA program and how will be the environment out there. This article will give the students some idea about what they can expect from an MBA program in India. Well the environment, faculty and curriculum entirely depend on the college and specialization you choose. But there are some common take away from all the MBA institutes and here we are focusing on the same. There are a few specific things you can expect to get out of the MBA classroom experience.

General Business Education:
The first year of every MBA program gives you the basic business education and most of the MBA programs will most likely focus on Major Business Disciplines. These are the core subject in every MBA program and this covers subjects like
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior
Also there are some specific specialization programs or one year diploma programs which may directly focus on specialization subjects for example: One year Management Diploma in Finance or Executive MBA program in Finance or Marketing. In order to get specialization specific course details of different programs, you need to do some research over internet.

The Chance to participate in public
Every business school encourages the part of personality development and public speaking. Every student is expected to participate on MBA classes. There many types of activities that happens in class room leaning like
  • Debates
  • Speeches
  • Group Discussions
  • Presentations
  • Team work activities
Many business schools encourage team work activities and group studies to make them learn how to work in team.

Work Pressure of assignments & projects
To provide real time knowledge and work experience business schools also focus to give some extra burden to create work pressure on students. This enables to handle stress and thus makes them fit for stress management courses. Sometimes it may seem to students that they are asked to do some unreasonable tasks which are not justified. But that is all a part of your learning and the main aim of faculty is to produce best in class professionals. If you are enrolled in an accelerated program, expect the workload to be double than that of a traditional program.

Hands-On Experience
Most of the MBA programs provide you the opportunity to obtain real hands on experience through analysis of different case studies of big multinational and corporate companies. They also give some case studies which are hypothetical just to enhance your analytical point of view. Students are encouraged to apply their real life experiences and knowledge combined with management studies to handle the problems and provide best possible solution the given scenario.

Industry Exposure through internships
MBA program is considered incomplete without any industrial training or internship. There are two types of internships in most b schools – summer and winter internships, which are usually taken between the semester breaks. Most of the schools have placement cells which help the students to get internship in renowned companies.  But many students search their company for internship of their own to get the best exposure.


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