Monday, 11 March 2013

Best MBA plus Course in Delhi and NCR at IIFP

Delhi, being the capital of a nation which has been in the development stage for the past couple of decades, has become the centre of diplomatic and commercial activity. This in turn gave rise to a lot of educational organization to nurture and develop future bureaucrats and managers.  What education can be better than an MBA in Delhi for a person who aspires to a definitive career in management? The choice of the national capital as a revered centre of study is best suited because of the concentration of many prestigious business schools in the city. It can indeed be a tough choice for a student to choose an institute to pursue an MBA in India.
There are a number of Top MBA Colleges in India affiliated to recognized universities which offer MBA programs. The NCR boasts of easy connectivity to the rest of the country and the world which makes it the preferred choice for students who want to pursue an MBA program.  Off late Delhi is fast growing as an industrial hub also with a focus on knowledge based industries.  Thus, students who complete their MBA in Delhi have it easier in terms of employment opportunities. This is the reason why students from surrounding towns such as Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Noida also flock to the NCR for education as well as industrial exposure.

To follow an MBA in Delhi you will be faced with a tough choice of choosing from within the numerous excellent institutes offering this course.  Which institute will offer you a seat firstly depends on your ranking in the entrance exam/s. Secondly, what matters most is the faculty and teaching methodologies adopted by a particular institute. Of course the cost of the program will be a factor in your decision but that alone should not deter you from choosing a college if it qualifies in all other criterion. An MBA in Delhi and NCR will mean that there are chances that the aspirant will also undergo his or her internship in the NCR.
This can turn into a prospective employment opportunity with the same company in the future once the degree is completed.
It also enables the student to get a real life experience of the work culture and business ethics in a particular industry in the NCR which can come in handy once you become active in the real scenario. An increasing number of students are opting for an MBA in Delhi because of the rapidly growing trend of student exchange programs with international universities. This provides a brilliant prospect to those who want to get jobs in other countries maybe in search of newer vistas or only for the sake of experience.
For that closer home, there are infinite options within the city to hone their skills and advance in a professional manner.
There are other short term courses and CFP Certification Courses in various streams. There is almost always a conference, seminar or work shop to attend in the city which definitely adds on to the professional and interpersonal skills of a budding manager. The NCR is now home to numerous MNC’s and various companies in multiple sectors such as Telecom, Insurance, Banking, IT and healthcare just to name a few. This is yet another reason why you may opt for an MBA in Delhi because elsewhere you may not find this heterogeneous mix if industry. It is impossible for any industry to function without effective management. No matter what the stage of the economy or a particular industry within maybe, good managers will always be in demand.


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