Thursday, 7 March 2013

Why to choose IIFP for a 2 year MBA Program

Wondering why to choose Indian Institute of Financial Planning for a two year MBA Program? Well there a number of reasons why IIFP can be your best choice when you decide to pursue a full time 2 years MBA course.
The Indian Institute of Financial Planning is premier institute in New Delhi offering a best in class curriculum for its newly designed MBA program keeping in mind the latest industry trends. IIFP focuses on producing best of class MBA professionals which are ready to excel in the industry once they complete the most dynamic MBA program.  IIFP has a very innovative MBA program named as MBA plus which gives you a UGC recognized MBA degree along with a PG diploma in Financial Planning & Wealth Management.
A UGC recognized MBA degree enables you to apply for any of the managerial jobs in Government and Public Sector Enterprises who prefer a UGC recognized degree. Also it enables you to apply for fellowship from any of the national or international universities. While a PG diploma in Financial Planning & Wealth Management enables you to have the best qualification in the industry when seeking a job in finance.  
We at IIFP understand the need of being competitive in this world of high technology & stiff competition and thus we have designed the most dynamic and result oriented MBA program. This industry specific MBA program enables you to have an edge over all the other MBA programs available. And this is the reason why IIFP is always appreciated by the recruiters and companies they work for. With rising economy and increasing business world, the flow of income is very high and thus not only big companies but also the individuals require proper financial advices to manage the funds and save the taxes. Here comes the need of MBA's with an additional specialization in finance and thus IIFP students have higher employ ability when compared to ordinary MBA's.
The infrastructure and faculty at IIFP is second to none when compared to other colleges. IIFP uses best teaching aids and methodology to impart quality education and training to make the students outstanding in queue of millions. Interactive classroom, regular industrial trainings, regular presentations and best in class placement cell are some of the features which have made IIFP the most preferred option for the students seeking a degree of MBA Finance in Delhi.

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