Monday, 13 May 2013

Insights of MBA and PGDBM Courses in India

With universities and courses galore these days, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to choose the right career course after graduation, especially when it comes to business management. two courses have ruled the academic trend chart since a long time now. There has been a constant war between PGDBM and MBA and everyday it’s getting more and more confusing for students to decide what to go for. Before discussing the debate further, let’s first understand what are PGDBM and MBA and the differences between them. PGDBM is Post Graduation diploma in Business Management and it originated in the United Kingdom whereas MBA is Masters in Business Administration program was developed in the United States. 

The first one clearly states that it is a diploma whereas the latter is a degree course. PGDBM is more industry oriented as compared to MBA which is majorly theoretical in nature, as the course entails a wide range of subjects pertaining to different verticals of any given industry. Now that one knows in basic terms what the two courses are let’s discuss about industry acceptance and accessibility to the courses.

PGDBM is widely and easily accepted than MBA as the course makes it easy for an individual to get more accustomed to the new work environment. Also it’s easier for industry insiders as the employee also has hands on experience regarding the nature of work he is being hired for. Degrees from good MBA colleges are also considered but practical learning takes more precedence.


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