Wednesday, 15 May 2013

MBA - The most preferred Post Graduate Degree across the globe

A degree in MBA is one of the most sought-after degrees today. In a world that is rapidly expanding and becoming more and more complex, multinational corporations and organizations big and small seek good managers who have leadership qualities, a good understanding of human nature, marketing skills, the aptitude to handle finances and the ability to successfully manage and organize events, projects, assignments as well as day-to-day activities in an office.

A good MBA program focusses on honing these skills in their carefully selected candidates. Most business schools have a certain set of parameters that a future manager must fulfil—first and foremost there is the written exam generally focussing on testing quantitative ability, verbal skills (grasp over the English language), logical reasoning and data interpretation. Some exams also focus on general knowledge. This is followed by a second cycle of hurdles which a student must cross. These include participation in a group discussion or sometimes a written essay-based test followed by a personal interview. Through these a student’s confidence, focus, merit, honesty, capability to judge a situation quickly and reach a conclusion wisely, capacity to think on the spur of the moment  and react to it resourcefully and so on are successfully tested.
The various MBA courses India that a student can choose from these days are as follows:

MBA in finance- This includes focussing on sound financial management for a company, understanding the global markets, having a good knowledge of micro- and macroeconomics and so on.

MBA in accounting- This degree is for corporate finance, treasury, investment banking, trading, equity and so on.

MBA in marketing- MBA in marketing is concerned with efficient marketing techniques and strategies; grasping a creative understanding of the factors that come into play during the creation good marketing plans.

MBA in HR- Human resource MBA is all about managing and maintaining the people in a corporation. Organizations both large and small need to make sure that the people working in them are well-connected, satisfied, productive, efficient, healthy and happy. HR management is all about that.

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