Friday, 21 June 2013

Career growth prospects with full time MBA Program

Full time is most preferred by the recruiters and Placement Companies. Full time MBA provides best option of peer learning and development. Full time MBA Program in India requires complete commitment of 1 year in case of Executive MBA and 2 year in Traditional MBA. Employees want career growth prospects and they also want to control over their careers. The economy as a whole and the societies in which it operates require higher levels of competencies, talent management and recap investments in development, a way to balance their interest of employers and employees. Full time MBA program produces a good personality which has the understanding, knowledge and business skills to make them competent for survival and growth.
Some of the basic characteristics which recruiters look for in the MBA's are:
  • Written Communication
  • Verbal Communication
  • IT Skills (Use of MS Office and Excel)
  • Time Management
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Analytical Skills
  • Performance Growth
  • Enthusiasm
Content knowledge for the core curriculum
MBA is not all about text book knowledge but to develop a perspective about their particular business situation, understanding different cultures, sectors and making business decisions after statistics and analysis. Even a student can learn from its peers in addition to the bookish knowledge. However, what management aspirants need to realize is that bookish knowledge that is typically imparted cannot take a management career very far. Market needs professionals who understand the industry mindset and have a good grasp of the deliverable expected and can contribute right from day one itself. Choice of management and finance courses helps to raise the standers of education and also make future bright and secure

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