Tuesday, 25 June 2013


With the introduction of various courses these days, many opportunities are being opened up for the students today, who want to pursue a great career ahead. A number of courses in the field of management are being launched these days that are helping students to specialize themselves in particular field of management, thus getting a wider scope of career ahead in their future.

One such certification in this field is the CFP that is, the certified financial plannerin India. This certification program is not known to many at this point of time, but is proving to be a great scope for the students who want to specialize themselves in the field of financial management.

This certification in financial planner is proving to be a certification mark for achieve good financial designations. It is providing good scope in the field of finance and management. This course aims at providing various modules at different levels of the course duration, thus making some very talented and skilled professionals in this emerging field of financial management.

To join this CFP course, one should have completed bachelor’s degree from any recognized university followed by experience of at least 3 years in the field if financial management. Not only one who has pursued a bachelor’s degree is eligible, but a 10+2 certification will also work to pursue this CFP course certification, but in that case the experience period should of a longer duration.


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